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Actually declutter this time with Declutter to Donate

The focus and motivation you need to declutter your entire home.

Is this you?

There are so many reasons you want to declutter:

  • You want more space to live and just breathe in.
  • You want more time to do the things you value rather than chores.
  • You want less stress.
  • You want the space to be able to invite family and friends over to your home.

But it's just so difficult to find the motivation to declutter on your own in the midst of everything life throws at you.

Turn the chore into a feel-good opportunity when you declutter to help others.

The Challenge

  • Life is very busy and you just can't find the motivation to declutter.
  • You have health challenges and your limited energy makes it difficult to declutter.
  • You have difficulty making the decision to part with items and so you just don't.

The Solution

  • Rather than thinking about what to keep and what to let go, we're going to look for items that you can donate to help others in your community.
  • These are items you're not using or not enjoying but someone else in your community will be joyful to receive and immediately put to use.

80% of the items we keep are never used

- National Organization of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO)

Removing clutter reduces housework by 40% in the average home

- National Soap & Detergent Association

Why Declutter to Donate?

You'll work with a professional organizer and a squad of motivated members to declutter your home in 25 modules with a focus on looking for items to donate to individuals and organizations in your community.

Focus on helping others is powerful in the decluttering process

I've worked with clients who had difficulty making decisions on what to keep and what to let go. I've seen first-hand how thinking about someone else, rather than your own emotions, suddenly makes the decluttering decisions easier. It's also motivating when you focus on helping others.

Create the decluttered space you want

When you think about how much each item is needed and where you can donate different items, you're able to unlock the decluttering inertia. You'll find you're able to declutter your home and make it the space you want.

Help your community

With my experience working at and with charitable organizations, I'll help you identify organizations in your community that will find happy homes and uses for all types of items that are really just clutter in your home. Why not take that dusty, unused, item and gift it to someone who will be ecstatic to receive it and use it right away?

What you get with Declutter to Donate

25 Modules

We will work through your entire home decluttering specific areas and discussing what you can donate, what is most needed, and where to donate items.

Donation Tips

I'll share insight on what is most needed in your community and organizations that need your donations, including items you probably won't think of.

Checklists, Worksheets and Resources

In addition to the step-by-step lessons, you'll receive downloadable resources and links to additional information and tips.

Exclusive Membership Group for 1 Year

We all do better when we have support and a group to celebrate our wins with. You'll have the support of your Declutter to Donate squad members and a professional organizer to motivate and answer questions.

What would it cost you to work with a professional organizer?

Working one-on-one with a professional organizer can cost you from $75 - $250 or even more an hour! That's for just one hour

Most professional organizers require a minimum of 4 hours per organizing session. 

And you have to adjust your schedule to meet their availability!

For a limited time
Regularly $147.
You get Declutter to Donate for just $50!

This Founding Member price
is available for a very limited time only!

As a Founding Member, you will be in the exclusive group that has first access to this new course! You will be asked for your feedback and will have the opportunity to shape the final course. You will have access to all future updates to course materials.

In addition to the incredible savings, you gain immediate access to the 25 step-by-step course modules, plus multiple bonuses, to complete at your own pace. You also gain access to the support of the other motivated Declutter to Donate members and a professional organizer in the exclusive Declutter to Donate membership group.

Susan of Organized 31

Susan is a professional organizer, parent educator and mother of three. She grew up as a military child, served on active duty and is now the spouse of an active duty military member. Thanks to the military, she has moved into and organized 20+ homes of all shapes and sizes all over the world.

Her goal is to help you achieve the space and time in your life you need to do what's important to you.

She focuses on simple and effective steps to declutter and organize for busy people.

She offers cost-effect solutions whenever possible.

Our Philosophy

We believe organization should work for you and your unique situation. We don't live in Pinterest homes, we live in real homes and need real solutions.

We know lives are busy, so we need solutions that can be implemented a little each day, if necessary.

We understand you have a budget and may want budget-friendly solutions that really work and look lovely.

Our Strategy

We share strategies that can broken down into smaller tasks or can be tackled all at once. You choose what works for you.

We help customize solutions that work in your space and with your unique, busy life.

We provide organizing solutions for every budget by sharing inexpensive and free options whenever possible in addition to links to professional organizing products.

The Declutter to Donate course group membership is operated in a private Facebook group. You will need a Facebook account to participate in the group.

Group membership is not required to access course materials or complete the course.

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Declutter to Donate$50

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After your purchase you will gain access to the course and information on joining the private membership group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces will we work on decluttering?

We will work on common clutter problem areas: the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, clothing, shoes, children's items and more.

What do I do if one of the decluttering tasks doesn't apply to me?

There are additional suggested decluttering ideas to meet a variety of needs. 

Do I have to work at set times or complete tasks by a certain time?

No. The tasks are designed for you to accomplish on your own schedule. The course is arranged for you to o accomplish in 25 days, but you can choose to work on tasks as quickly or as slowly as you'd like.

What happens in the membership group?

You can ask questions, share your wins and find support from like-minded members. Or you can read and learn from the discussions in the group without any pressure to participate. 

You have direct access to a professional organizer for answers and to help you brainstorm solutions.

Do I have to show before and after photos?

You never have to show photos of your spaces. You may find it helpful to share photos so that we can provide specific suggestions, but that is always your choice. Of course, if you'd like to share after photos, we will all be excited to celebrate with you.

How can I ask questions?

You can ask questions via email anytime you like. Questions will be answered as soon as possible. You can also consult with me via video chat