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Blog Traffic Hidden Gems - Submission Sites
Are you ready to invest as little as 5 minutes and reap the benefit of blog traffic year after year?

For a limited time on sale now!

  • Are you tired of spending hours and hours promoting your posts in hopes of driving more traffic to your blog?
  • Are frustrated spending way too much time and money on courses to help you crack the code on driving social media traffic to your blog?
  • Do you wish you had a staff to do all the work necessary to send on-going traffic to your blog?

  • If this is you, then you will be thrilled to learn that you can invest as little as 5 minutes per post to drive traffic to your blog year after year.

    I've been using submission sites since 2013 and started getting serious about using them in 2016.

    From 2016 - 2019, a submission site was my #2 traffic referrer each year and there were always at least 4 sites in my top 20, with at least 2 in my top 10 referrers.

    In 2020, I focused even more on submission sites and am happy to report that my #2 top referrer continues to be a submission site and I now have 10 in my top 23 referrers, with 5 in my top 10!

    All that recurring traffic is the result of a one-time investment of as little as 5 minutes for each post!

    I shared my tips and process with another blogger a year ago and she, too, experienced significant success using submission sites. In just one year of submitting posts to submission sites, she had 5 submission sites in her top 20 traffic referrers, in positions 9, 10, 14, 17, 18!

    For a limited time on sale now!

    The beauty of using submission sites to drive traffic is that once you submit your post, they do all the work for you. Your one-time investment of as little as 5-minues can result in blog traffic year after year after.

    But not all submission sites are equal. Some have a more difficult submission process and some create more traffic to their own site rather than pushing it to your site. Knowing where to focus your effort is key.

    Over the years, I've streamlined my submission process to make it as efficient as possible. I target sites that are proven long-term traffic drivers. In Blog Traffic Hidden Gems - Submission Sites I share both my submission process and my site selection criteria with you.

    I also developed a submission site tracking tool that makes keeping track of your submission process a snap. It also makes it easy for you to hand this task off to a virtual assistant or intern. 

    Blog Traffic Hidden Gems - Submission Sites

    The Blog Traffic Hidden Gems - Submission Sites resources contains:

    • An explanation of submission sites and how they work.
    • Tips on finding the best submission sites to meet your specific goals and content.
    • The submission process that I use, with my tips on how to save time submitting content.
    • The AirTable Submisison Site List and Tracker System. (You can sign up for AirTable for free and access to the tracker is included with this resource.)
    • An explanation of the features and considerations for different submission sites.
    • A list of 50 different submission sites for 
      • Crafts and DIY
      • Decor
      • Budget and Thrifty Projects
      • Printables
      • Recipes

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